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Minimum installation for residential climbing frames/playhouses is £ 250.00-300.00 depending on the item and location. For example, big Jungle Gym or Blue Rabbit combos can cost around £ 700-900 to install or more, depending on the combination and location. The climbing frames we supply need to be concreted into the ground (either the leg of the climbing frame or a metal ground anchor, depending on the brand). Our installation service includes the concrete for the towers, swings and modules. The installation service for climbing frames and playhouses doesn’t include groundworks. The play sets and towers need to be installed on flat and level ground with good drainage. If you are unsure about if the surface in your garden is suitable or not, please contact us. For safety reasons, the play towers and modules need to be installed on grass, soil or rubber/wood chipped area, they cannot be installed on hard surfaces such as tarmac, patio, concrete slabs, concrete, decking, etc. We recommend to move the rubber chippings or wood chippings away from the area so the installers have a clear space to work on, the chippings can then be moved back around the climbing frame. WE CAN ADVICE on all types of safety surface, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this. For commercial installations we can install on hard surfaces if they are going to be re-surfaced afterwards but these frames specifically need safety surface such as rubber mats, rubber tiles, bonded rubber bark or wetpour.


We normally discuss with the customer the climbing frame that they would like to get and the space needed to safely install it. We also discuss access, ground conditions and any possible dates. The ground needs to be flat and level to install climbing frames. We have to coordinate with the climbing frame delivery date, to be able to install as soon as possible after the play set is delivered. We will ask you to check the components delivered, to make sure that nothing has been lost or damaged In transit. We normally email you instructions on how to do this after the order has been placed, so please keep an eye on your inbox! This will help avoiding issues, as if the installer travels to your property and cannot proceed with the installation due to the materials being damaged or not present, there will be dissappointed families, and this will also incur a cost to you, so we try to avoid any problems by planning this carefully. We recommend a professional and trusted installation team, that will travel to your property, take all their tools, and carry out the job at very high standards. Normally, for a tower and one module, installations will be finished in a day, but bigger combinations might take 2 days, sometimes more, depending on the time of the year. Installations are weather depending, however our installers try to get on with the job and have a gazebo to work even if it is raining, but please bear in mind that installations can be postponed due to weather conditions. The installers are self employed and will take payment from you directly after installation is complete. They will provide you with the receipt.


We offer a comprehensive service, from design to completion for playgrounds and commercial play areas such as pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, farm shops, hotels, campsites, nurseries, schools and public playgrounds. We can install play equipment and safety surfaces with our own professional team. For commercial products and safety surface installations, please contact us to discuss your projects.

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Christmas Delivery Cut Off Time

CHRISTMAS DELIVERY DATES: If you are looking to order for Christmas, we recommend to check delivery dates for any product before ordering.

Please note that the last date for ordering climbing frames for delivery before Christmas is 30th November. After that, we cannot guarantee delivery in time.

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