Safety Surface

An all important aspect of creating a year round usable play space is to choose the best type of surface for your needs.

We are well placed to advise, recommend and install the right surface for your project. We can supply rubber grass mats , recycled rubber chippings to use as loose fill, bonded rubber bark , wetpour, artificial grass and rubber tiles. Click READ MORE below for a review of each product.

Safety Surface

We can supply materials only but also have our own team of professional installers to install the surfaces for you.

All of our installations are carried out to meet EN1177 specifications for critical fall height using the best materials available. We guarantee our installations for between 3 and 5 years, depending on the product installed and use.

We recommend to contact us to discuss your needs. Please ring us for prices, especially for bonded rubber bark or wetpour, as we need a few details to be able to provide a quote, or click below to see the ranges in full.

For safety surface delivery information, Click here

PLEASE NOTE THAT A MINIMUM CHARGE OF £ 3,000.00 + VAT applies for Bonded Rubber Bark, Wetpour and Artificial grass installations of up to 20m2.

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:  (click on the links to view and order products)

Rubber grass mats/Safagrass

An excellent solution providing a non-slip, impact absorbing safety and footway surfaces. These mats are designed to allow the grass to grow through them and hide them from view. Now also available in Green.

Ideal for fitness/fun trails, cableways, most multi-function play frames, springers, swings and pathways.

Recycled Rubber Chippings/ Rubber bark

Rubber chippings have many benefits over wood chip: they are fire retardant, no chocking hazard, come in different fun and natural colours, without toxic paints, no need to top up and only 50 mm depth needed in most cases. Does need maintenance raking the surface regularly to make sure the rubber is evenly spread.

This product is great for residential projects and also used in commercial play areas. It is used as loose fill, so needs to be contained by a frame or border.


Bonded Rubber Bark / Bonded mulch

Recycled rubber bonded with resin, in natural colours for a natural look. Porous and textured gives good slip resistance and keeps the area dry all year round. Top quality, coloured recyled rubber mulch; combined with a binder; mixed on site and levelled out to provide an attractive, colourful, seamless, bouncy surface. This surface can be installed onto compacted soil, grass or harder surfaces such as tarmac or concrete. Works well in uneven areas.

We can supply materials only or materials and installation by our own team of professional specialists. Contact us for a quote: 01568 782241

PLEASE NOTE THAT A MINIMUM CHARGE OF £ 3,000+ VAT applies to supply and install Bonded Rubber bark up to 20m2. Excludes remote areas


The material we use is a top of the range, dual layer porous system (SBR base and EPDM rubber top layer). It has a continuous finish that can be installed to flat, mounded or ramped sub-structures. It can have vibrant colours or black and detail graphics can be added to them to make the surface more interesting. This surface needs a specific base such as concrete, tarmac or MOT1 with pcc or timber edging. It is ideal for nurseries as it doesn’t rub off on clothes and the colour is long lasting. We can also supply the materials only.

Please contact us for a quote with details of the area you wish to install this product in. Tel: 01568 782241

PLEASE NOTE THAT A MINIMUM CHARGE OF £ 3,000+ VAT applies to supply and install Wetpour up to 20m2. Excludes remote areas

Artificial Grass

The artificial grass we supply is high tech and realistic. We offer different depths. It will improve your garden and give you a low maintenance great looking lawn all year round! Artificial grass can be used in landscape or play areas. With a rubber infill underneath can provide critical fall height protection.

We need to discuss details of each particular project, so please contact us for a quote: 01568 782241

PLEASE NOTE THAT A MINIMUM CHARGE OF £ 3,000+ VAT applies to supply and install Artificial Grass up to 20m2. Excludes remote areas


Rubber tiles

These rubber tiles can be laid onto hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete or paving slabs. They need an even surface. You can then create a floating floor, without the need to stick the tiles to the base. The tiles interconnect to one another. The standard tiles are 40cm x 40cm but we can also source 50cm x 50cm or 1m x 1m. They come in different thicknesses and colours (green, red and black). We can also provide ramped edges for the 50×50 and 1mx1m tiles.